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Leasowe Castle Hotel

Leasowe Castle was originally built in 1593 by Ferdinand, 5th Earl of Derby, second heir to the English throne. Named "New Hall", it consisted only of an octagonal tower. The door was about six feet above ground level, for security and protection from high tides; the walls were one metre thick.

After the death of Sir Edward the Castle passed through several members of the family until it became Leasowe Castle Hotel in 1891. It was bought by the trustees of the railway Convalescence Homes in 1910 and except for a short time during the First World War, when it accommodated German prisoners, it was occupied by a Matron, Assistant Matron, Head Gardener, Maintenance Engineer and various catering and domestic staff until to 1970. It again stood derelict as it had some 300 years before; a 20th Century Mock Beggar until in 1982.


"Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer.”


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